Client Testimonials

"I told Dr. Silver, a dentist in East Hampton, that the whole idea of (wearing) dentures would never work for me. Well, guess what, I was WRONG. They (my dentures) are great and so is he."

– Irving H.

"My entire life, I have been deathly afraid of dentists due to a terrible experience. I met Dr. Silver about 14 years ago and have been an avid fan ever since. He has such a great demeanor, tells funny stories, does his own cleanings and makes me perfectly at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist. 5 stars from me."

– Cee Scott Brown, Associate Broker and SVP, Corcoran Group

"Dr. Silver was unusually informative and enlightening, no other dentist had ever done that. Dr. Silver is unusually skillful and efficient. He takes pride in doing excellent work on behalf of his patients. In my experience with dentists, I find Dr. Perry Silver, unusual, a cut above all the rest."

– Elder Albert L. Brown

"I no longer cringe at trips to the dentist. Dr. Silver has assuaged all my anxieties. I had three consecutive visits for cavities and fillings in ridges caused by incorrect brushing. My teeth look perfect. It is impossible to see where his work begins and ends. Dr. Silver is proactive, patient and positive. I appreciate his humor and care and highly recommend him."

– Kristen Comparetto